SKH3 Notices


Gunpowder Plod hands Webshite reins to 9IC following secretive behind closed doors meeting. A senior civil servant, who asked not to be named, said of the momentous event, "Hash House what? Never heard of them".

Webshite duties shall now be carried out by someone who was at least born within a decade or two of the invention of the internet, who is well versed with clicking on buttons and stuff and knows what a "meme" is. Expect things to get a lot weirder.

The outgoing senior Webshite celebrated by riding his skateboard down the nearest hill, and was last seen travelling along Sai Kung's Wan King Path, for reasons unknown. An artist's impression of the scene is captured below:

Dear Hashers,

This coming 29 January 2017 marks the 2000th run of the Shek Kong Hash House Harriers, a momentous event in the long history of the Shek Kong Hash.

Our hares Moonie and Golden Balls have some cracking trails lined up in previously inaccessible border areas only opened to the public this year. We’re going to have a great event with food, entertainment and beer.

Sign up before 31 October to enjoy a substantial early bird discount. Runs + Beer + Food + T-shirts + Bus + Entertainment = HK$250 for male. From Nov 1 the price will be HK$350.

For Hong Kong Resident registration click here.

For Overseas / Alumni registration click here.

Looking forward to celebrating with Shek Kong Hashers from near and far on 29 January.


Catch of the Day, GM

See promo video:

NOTICE FROM GM Catch of the Day on 20 June 2016:

1) Sek Kong Hash 2000th Run extravaganza will be held on

29, January 2017 (Sunday) – Year of Chicken!

We have fantastic runs + endless beers + foods + entertainments and possibly T-shirts.

So mark your calendar and make sure don’t book your holiday.

To organize this events, I need all of your corporation.

This is once in 21 years events and hope we can make it as the unforgettable one.

2) Sek Kong Hash Christmas Party will be held on December 10th Saturday.

The theme of costume will be Japanese, such as Yakuza, sumo, kabuki, sushi, etc.

The venue and price to be confirmed later.

We will have exchange Christmas presents and Japanese games.

I have already volunteered to be Hare the next day :-)


GMThe Final for the Podger's Pot II took place at the AGM at Tai Po Kau on 22 May. It was, yet again, won by Golden Balls who has now commenced training (eating and drinking copiously) in preparation for Podger's Pot III.

The Weigh-In for Podger's Pot II took place after the run in Sai Kung last Sunday as follows:


​115.2 ​Golden Balls

​104.2​ ​ ​Farty Pants

​ 83.6 ​Gunpowder Plod

78.0 G-Spot​

​ 74.3 ​Stuntdouble

63.1 CoTD​​

The Final Weigh-In will take place, subject to GM approval, after further hard exercise and dieting :-) on 13 December.

The winner of the prestigious Podgers' Pot (to be donated by Gunpowder Plod (an England Footie Team Ming Dynasty beer tankard) will be the podger who has lost most weight as a percentage of his First Weigh-In weight.

Late entries will be accepted but will have 1Kg deducted from their weigh-in weight per week! (Big Moany and Chemical Ali please note!)


Hi All,

Great run yesterday and thank you Farty Pantz and Walky Talky for a thoroughly great afternoon.

As mentioned yesterday, in the circle, there are a couple of dates I would like to point out to you if you are interested.

I would like to try and make the evening dinner's we have been attending, more and more lately, into a regular thing. Say once a month. Everybody enjoys it, so why not. The Taj Mahal is a great place. Good food, plenty of food, loads of cheap beer, great price and an enjoyable place just round the corner where we can further relax and have a night cap.....or 2!!!

Now, if we do succeed in getting out once a month, the Taj Mahal is going to get pretty boring. So, anybody who has any suggestions on decent places to go, reasonably cheapish and with something to keep us occupied till about midnight, then please, don't keep it to yourself!

Anyway, it is planned to go out in 2 weeks time, (Taj Mahal) Saturday 31st Jan. Hands up please so that we can provisionally book a table.

No Name and Count Von Count are organising a joint birthday and wedding anniversary on the 21st February. Again, this is planned for the Taj Mahal. Names please closer to the time. I will ask at the beginning of Feb.

Philippine Nash Hash. 18th-21st March in Angelese City. Easy to get to as you can fly straight into Clark Airbase which is only 10 minutes (apparently) from the City Centre. Enrol online. I think it is still US$100 dollars registration, but is due to go up at some time closer to the date.

There is a N2TH3 Hash away in April also to the Philippines. Velcro Lips has the reigns on this one and most of those interested have already signed up. Not sure if there is still time for others to sign up, but I think it is over the Easter period and if you are interested, contact Velcro.

1st May brings Labour Day (bank holiday). This is a Friday. Planning a hash away to Macau on this weekend. Had a great time last time. This time gives the added bank holiday in which to relax over there. So makes it a decent few days.

Was planning a Lamma run on 21st June. But, Dragon Boat is the 20th so maybe change it. We will see.

We could try and squeeze a camping trip in too if anybody is up for it, before it gets warm.

Comments please. Thanks.

Best Regards,





"This perverse hash variation was spawned by those poor, loyal

critters who turn up at Leafy Glade when all the organised, rich

hashers are somewhere else at a confab, or too hungover, or its

pissing down, or all of the above. The renegades who founded this nonsense

were Golden Balls, Salesman, Dingaling, Rocky, Britarse and Liberace

Later aficionados include Walky Talky, Go West, Eunuch, Dram (we can’t catch him in Lam Tsuen) and even odd-types like Rapunzel and Bogbrush.

There are no rules, but the guidelines are thus:

Chalk divided between hashers present (growing from four plus

three dogs, to seven and one dog)

First live hare given 3 minutes. (Subsequent live hares given 1 minute - Plod)

New hare takes over (either a keen one or selected by the pack)

when current hare is either:

a) Caught, stuck

b) Gives up, exhausted, injured

c) Stops under ‘honour’ as lead is too great, getting boring (max 10 mins per live hare)

The pack regroup (physically but usually not mentally), and the

new hare tears off.

It’s hardcore, fast, furious, creative, wet, intense, competitive and

knackering. There are no boundaries. Twelve-foot-high walls, chainlink

fences, buses, pig sties, temples, houses, sheds and gardens act as

props or somewhere to rest and hide, not obstacles.

Anyway – anyone who hasn’t done it yet, or doesn’t like it, or is

content to get back to Leafy Glade with bleeding cuts and a faux-collapse

in a pool of sweat, is a big POOFTAH and is not cliquey enough for

SKH3. – Salesman

NOTICE - Sek Kong H3 Xmas Party 2013

Date/Time: 7pm Sat 14 December, Senior Officers' Mess, Police HQ, Wanchai

Theme: Sci-Fi (Santa Claus revealed as Alien, shock/horror!)

Payment: if you have not yet paid Hash Cash (Hoover), please bring CASH ($300/head) on the night

Disco: we have a Farty Sound System but please bring any dirty dance music on your iPod

Seating: there will be 10 tables of 6 persons each (58 confirmed so far)

Food: Three course traditional Xmas Buffet Dinner. So far no requests for vegetarian options

Drinks: 18 liters of free mulled wine to get you started! (Farty & GB)

Beer, softies and mixers included.

BYO wine & spirits OR:

The Mess has $70 bottles of red & white wine & $90 sparkling wine on sale for cash

Location: Senior Officers Mess, 6th Floor, Caine House, HKI Police HQ, Arsenal Street, Wanchai. This is the gate nearest Gloucester Road/the Harbour

Nearest MTR: use Wanchai MTR Exit C and walk west along Lockhart Road & north into Arsenal Street. Cross over near Gloucester Road. Bar girls collected en route will be refused entry

Access: your names will be at the guard post. You might need to show ID. Call Plod on 9307 2041 if you get arrested; he will arrange for your meal to be sent to the cells....

Questions: Plod 9307 2041

The Final List 14Dec13:

Plod 2

Farty 2 + disco+ wine for mulling


Plastered 1

Screwless 2

Monkey 1

Britarse 2

Stunts 2

69K 2

Big M 2

Dingaling 4

Victim 2

Moonie 3

Tin Tin 1

Zimmer 3

BJ Moss 2

Stingray 2

Desperate D 2

Goldens 2 + wine mulling stuff

Salesman 2

Indy 1

CotD 2

Velcro 1


BJ Leahy 1

Lip Service 2

Soggy 1

OGiV 1

Widow Wanky 1

Swing Low 1

Mark Sex 2

Wong Way Willy 2

Skirt Climber 2


Total: 58 confirmed