Sek Kong Hash House Harriers - SKH3

"the drinking club with a running problem"

Putting the gay back into hashing

Sek Kong Hash House Harriers - SKH3

The Hash that put the on on in Hong Kong!

This is the Website introduced on 22 June 2011 by Gunpowder Plod to save Hash Cash; it's free!

NOTE: The website set up by Gunpowder Plod has been looking increasingly long in the tooth of late, so the decrepit and wrinkly old thing has been put out to grass. Also, the old website has been archived as "Sek Kong H3 Original".

The new website, incorporating all of the old with some new knobs, bells and whistles, was updated and published in September 2018 by Nine Ignorant Cocks. You're welcome.

SKH3 is a family and dog friendly* cross-country, hare & hounds type running club meeting, whatever the weather, in a different location, usually in the New Territories, every Sunday of every week. Click on NEXT RUN button above, or navigate to NEXT RUN page for details.

Runs start promptly at 4.00 pm (3.00 pm in Winter). There is very occasionally a pre-run gathering at the Leafy Glade/Kwan Yik dai pai dong/store at the junction of Lam Kam Road and the Lam Tsuen and Tong Min village roads in Lam Tsuen Valley, Taipo.

Drivers (drink-drive laws now apply) might depart here at 3.30 pm sharp for the run (2.30 pm Winter). (See map at right).

Visitors should contact Mismanagement to get pre-run gathering and run information and bring running kit, $50 run fee (ladies $30), a change of clothes and a sense of humour :-)

*dog friendly only applies to hash dogs and not to native dogs encountered in junk yards, farm yards etc. Dram and Hamish requested this clarification.....

And pinched from Yahoo Groups (thank you Luk Sap Gow):

The Hash that put the on on in Hong Kong

Sek Kong Hash House Harriers,

The Leafy Glade DPD,

Lam Kam Road, Lam Tsuen, TaiPo, N.T., Hong-Kong.

We meet on Sundays at 4:00pm (Summer) or 3:00pm (Winter) usually at the Kwan Yik store/DPD on the KMB 64K bus route, (or at any time or place the Hare chooses, via the email/website!).

Check the website before visiting us for start time and location. Runs generally last about an hour and are located in the New Territories but may be in any part of Hong Kong or 'offshore'.

SKH3 is recorded in 'Harrier International' as existing in 1974 and is now known to have existed earlier as we have a report of regular SKH3 runs in 1967. We participated in the first ever Interhash on 26 March 1978 and provided the famous 'truckload of curry' for the On-On at RAF Sek Kong. SKH3 had not numbered it's runs but started to number runs then. We were a British and Commonwealth military hash, survived the changes in 1997 and now welcome all comers.

All visitors and abilities are welcome, especially returnee SKH3 and N2TH3 hashers, hashers from overseas and serving British, Commonwealth and American Services personnel.

If you want to hash in HK during the week we recommend a run with the Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers (N2TH3) which meets on Wednesday evenings at 19:00 hours near Hong-Lok-Yuen railway bridge.

We would like to hear from any ex-SKH3 hashers. Any recollections of your time hashing with SKH3 or special runs or hash events would be of interest. A copy of any old SKH3 run letters, interhash activities, photos or committee details would help to supplement our hash records.

Current SKH3 e-mail and telephone contacts are on our web page, go to -Mismanagement.


(new) SKH3 egroup owner,

7th Nov 2011