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Wo Keng Shan Road Garden, Sha Tau Kok Road, Fanling - Ping Che

Sun 14th July 2024


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50 Years of Sek Kong Hashing

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Sek Kong Hash (SKH3) is a cross-country hare & hounds type running club, meeting every Sunday afternoon, families and dogs are more than welcome to join. Whatever the weather, a different location is chosen by the hare, usually in the New Territories of Hong Kong. 

Runs start promptly at 4.00 pm usually (3.00 pm in the winter months). 

There is on occasions, a run at the "home" of the SKH3 hash, known as "Leafy Glade" but easier to locate on Google maps as "Kwan Yik Store" (junction of Lam Kam Road and Tong Min Tsuen roads) in Lam Tsuen Valley, near Taipo. Note, a 10 minute bus (KMB 64k) ride from Tai Wo MTR station.

Visitors should contact "Mismanagement" to get any pre-run pick-up points or run location information - bring your running/hiking kit, $60 run fee  for men (ladies $40), a change of clothes and a sense of humour :-)

Runs are generally around an hour long, usually with a hard & easy option and drinks are available at the end of the run. Food is also a possibility afterwards.

Notes of Sek Kong Hash House Harriers, 

SKH3 is recorded in 'Harrier International' as existing in 1974 and is believed to have existed earlier as there are reports of regular SKH3 runs in 1967. They participated in the first ever global Interhash on 26 March 1978 and provided the famous 'truckload of curry' for the On-On from RAF Sek Kong. SKH3 had not numbered it's earlier runs but started to number runs since then - now numbering over 2,300 runs. We were a former British and Commonwealth military hash, survived the changes in Hong Kong's 1997 handover to China and now welcome any person interested in joining our running group. 

All visitors and running levels/abilities are welcome to join, including other local hashers and those visiting from overseas.

We always like to hear from any ex-SKH3 hashers. Any recollections of your time hashing with SKH3 or special runs or hash events that may be of interest. A copy of any old SKH3 run letters, interhash activities, photos or committee details, would help to supplement our hash records. Contact details can be found on the "Mismanagement" page.

If you want to hash in HK during the week we recommend a run with the Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers (N2TH3), which meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. Link below.

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FMH3 Dates 2024

Run 31 | Wolf Moon | Friday 26 January

Run 32 | Snow Moon | Saturday 24 February

Run 32 | Worm Moon | Monday 25 March

Run 33 | Pink Moon | Wednesday 24 April

Run 34 | Flower Moon | Thursday 23 May

Run 35 | Strawberry Moon | Saturday 22 June

Run 36 | Thunder Moon | Sunday 21 July

Run 37 | Super Fruit Moon | Tuesday 20 August

Run 38 | Super Harvest Moon | Wednesday 18 September

Run 39 | Super Hunters' Moon | Thursday 17 October

Run 40 | Super Beaver Moon | Saturday 16 November

Run 41 | Cold Moon | Sunday 15 December

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