Christmas Party 2011



By Decree of the Grand Master (The Great Plod; Tremble & Obey!), this year’s Christmas Party shall be as follows:

Date/Time: Saturday 3 December from 7.30 to 11.30pm (doors open 7pm)

Place: The General’s Arms, Hong Lok Yuen Country Club, Tai Po

Theme: Colonials & Concubines ( uh?: )

Drink: unlimited Carsberg draft, soft drinks and fresh orange juice

Bring Your Own: wines & spirits, port, cigars, concubines etc

Food: Traditional Christmas Buffet comprising:

Starters: Lobster Soup, Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Salad & Cold Cuts

Hot Entrees: Salmon Fillet on spinach, Chicken Curry with condiments, Baked Gammon Ham with port wine gravy, steamed vegetables, roast potatoes, rice etc

Desserts: Christmas Cake, Apple Crumble with custard, Chocolate Mousse, seasonal fresh fruit

Dancing: to Monsieur Pantalon and ‘is Discotheque?

Lucky Draw: prizes donated by generous hashers and Mismanagement J

Competition: Best Old Colonial and Best Concubine, Best Dirty Dancers etc

Cost: $400 per head (infants, excluding Britarse, free)

Note: 30 persons minimum otherwise costs will go UP!

{Absentees vill be Rogered by Herr Zimmerframe! Gunpowder Plod GM 14Nov11}