Borders Fungus Group

The aim of the Borders Fungus Group (BFG)  is to promote the study and record the distribution of fungi in North Northumberland and the four Scottish Border Counties.  We bring people together with similar interests where they can share their knowledge and interest in fungi, and the countryside in general.

We welcome members of the public, who we encouraged to participate.

The BFG study and record all types of fungi from the large obvious ones through to the tiny species (microfungi).

Meetings are usually held around mid-month, each month of the year. A summary of every field meeting and a list of the species recorded will be distributed to members, interested individuals and organizations.

Our fungi records are incorporated into the Fungus Conservation Trust’s CATE 2 and British Mycological Society FRDBI recording systems.

There’s no charge for membership.

If you want to come along to the BFG forays, please email:

Your email address will be stored and used only for sending out details of forth coming events, reports of previous forays and other items related to the BFG.

The Willow Glove Hypocreopsis lichenoides

A very rare fungus found growing on branches of willow and which can be found in a couple of BFG foray sites.

Boarders Fungus Group

Cameron Diekonigin,
17 Apr 2018, 00:25