Scottish fungus groups

Scotland is currently covered by seven fungus groups, each of which promotes the appreciation and survey of fungi in their area. Click on the headings or our interactive map for further information about each group.

This group was launched at the end of April 2010 to serve Ayrshire and the Clyde Isles, Argyll, the Glasgow metropolitan area and its surrounding shires: Lanark, Renfrew, Dunbarton and Stirling.

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The Grampian Fungus Group was established in 1997. Our programme starts in August and runs until October. We have a Spring foray and our AGM in April and a newsletter is produced once a year and issued to members in early spring.

We are always delighted to welcome new members including complete beginners. It costs just £10.00 a year to become a member.

For more information and a calendar of forays & events click here or Contact: Toni Watt ( 0777 3626981

Scottish Borders Fungus Group

We record and study fungi in the Scottish Borders and we keep our forays local.

Our group is made up of beginners, keen amateurs and experts. We meet regularly, twice a month in the summer through to autumn and then once a month in the winter and spring.

To become part of this adventure contact David Maw at the email address below

We are a friendly, supportive and inclusive fungus group, engaging people of all levels of experience who have a common interest in fungi.

Despite our name, our forays are not restricted to an area. We focus our attention on sites based on factors such as travel time, accessibility by public transport, forays with other groups as well as on specific types of habitats.

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Our group aims to accurately record (as much as possible) the many different types of fungi in Perthshire, Angus and Fife. We look to encourage an interest in the importance and significance of fungi in everyday life (including the safe eating of a variety of fungi), and to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of fungi through forays, workshops and talks, open to all members of the group.

We also promote the conservation of fungi and threatened fungal habitats, especially those of rare species (such as old grassland and significant old woodlands).

Keen to come along on a foray? Our calendar of events and contact form can be found on our website.

Description: This sub-group to the Highland Biological Recording Group was set up in 2013 to encourage fungus recording in the Highland region. Forays are opportunities for people with a common interest in fungi to share knowledge and experience rather than expert led forays. All welcome!

Contact: David Genney

The borders fungus group was set up in 2016, our aim is to help people who are interested in fungi in the Border counties. We cover the four Scottish border counties and North Northumberland and we also go further afield in Scotland for specific habitats. We studies all group of fungi from Gilled, Ascomycetes, Corticioids and many more.

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Contact: Sally Pattison