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Collecting and identifying fungi to eat

General information about gathering food from the wild can be found on the Forest Harvest website. You will find the Scottish Wild Mushroom Code here.

Picking fungi to eat can be an immensely satisfying experience with many delicious recipes.Some edible fungi can be easily identified but many others are more difficult and some are poisonous or even deadly. It is extremely important to make sure you are aware of possible deadly toxic fungi and never to eat a specimen you are unsure about - the consequences can be extremely dangerous. If in any doubt, consult an experienced mycologist. Joining a local fungus group is a good way to gain the basic skills required to identify fungi for the pot.

When ever you try a fungus that you have collected for the first time, and are certain of its identification,  try a small amount to see how your body reacts to it. Fungi are great chemists and so are people. Sometimes the  chemistry is not compatible and some people can even be allergic to the mushrooms that you buy in the shops.

Other ways to grow or eat fungi!

Another way to enjoy wild fungi is to try them at hotels and restaurants or buy them from reputable dealers. It is also possible to buy mushroom spawn including a range of exotic edible species. You can then grow these fungi at home. Try Ann Millers Specialty Mushrooms or Ardnamushrooms.
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