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Net Script

Are you net control for tonight?  Here are some suggestions to help make your evening successful.

Before the Net is scheduled to start, make two pre-announcements:
(At 19:25 on 146.775) This is <your call sign> Net Control station for the Pawnee Amateur Radio Club evening Net which will be held on this frequency in five minutes.
(At 19:26 on 146.640) This is <your call sign> announcing that the Pawnee Amateur Radio Club evening Net will be held on the 146.775 repeater in five minutes.
(At 19:30 on 146.775) At this time the Pawnee Amateur Radio Club will hold its weekly evening 2 meter Net on the N0RHM repeater in Columbus, Nebraska. 
Net Control this evening is <your call sign>  <your call sign PHONETICALLY>
My name is <name> and I live in <town>
This net is being held on the N0RHM repeater with a frequency of 146.775 and requires a PL tone of 131.8.  We meet here Sunday nights at 7:30pm local time and we welcome any licensed amateur to check in.
If at any time during the Net, priority or emergency traffic should arise, we ask that the repeater become available for that traffic.  the pro-sign "emergency" or "priority" should immediately be recognized by all.  Does anybody have emergency or priority traffic? <pause>
Are there any portable stations, battery-operated or short time stations that need to check in early?  Please check in with your call sign only.  <pause>
(take the stations down and recognize them in a group)
Do we have stations to check into the Pawnee Amateur Radio Net?  Please check in with your call sign only.  <pause>
(take the stations down and recognize them in a group.  Ask another time for stations not recognized the first time)
Now let's go thru the list for comments.....   (first station for comments, second station, ...)
Additional items to include in the Net before closing can include:
        Next club meeting - date, time and location
        Next club breakfast - date, time and location
        Club announcements - return to  the Club President or Secretary for comments
        If not already identified, call for a Net Control volunteer for next week's Net
        If you don't know this information, ask if anyone else participating in the net can provide it.
This concludes the Sunday Pawnee Amateur Radio Club evening Net held on the 146.775 N0RHM repeater.  We thank everyone for checking in and participating.  Please plan on joining us again next Sunday at 19:30.  This is <your call sign> returning the N0RHM repeater to normal operation.
Pawnee Amateur Radio Club
Columbus, Nebraska 68601