Pawnee Amateur Radio Club

Located in the heart of Nebraska, the Columbus, Nebraska Pawnee Amateur Radio Club is active on five repeaters:

146.640 - WA0COL input frequency 146.040 (-) PL Tone: none

146.775 - N0RHM input frequency 146.175 (-) PL Tone: 131.8

442.050 - WA0COL input frequency 447.050 (+) PL Tone: 167.9 (*** 8/7/2021 OFFLINE, being relocated ***)

146.955 - WA0COL DSTAR "C" input frequency 146.355 (-) PL Tone: none

442.175 - WA0COL DSTAR "B" input frequency 447.175 (+) PL Tone: none

There is also an APRS iGate located at the Columbus tower site

144.390 - K0HAM APRS iGate PL Tone: none

Club Radio Net: Saturday morning at 9:00 am on 146.775 - N0RHM

Club Radio Net: Sunday evening at 7:30 pm on 146.775 - N0RHM



The APRS iGate is back ONLINE

The APRS iGate is back online and is available for anyone to use for APRS traffic 144.390 (PL Tone: none)

The WA0COL 442.050 repeater is currently OFFLINE

The repeater is being relocated to Rising City

New Saturday Morning 2 Meter Net

A new Saturday morning club net is being held weekly at 9:00am on the N0RHM repeater 146.775 (PL Tone: 131.8)


The Nebraska Statewide D-Star Radio Net is occurring on Reflector REF002C on Thursday nights at 9:00pm.

The Columbus D-Star 2 meter node is CURRENTLY OFFLINE (normally perma-linked to REF002C but when working is also open for radio controlled linking).

The Columbus D-Star 440 cm node is currently perma-linked to REF002C but also open for radio controlled linking .

The Columbus D-Star 440 is set to auto-link to:

  • The Alabama D-Star net Tuesday nights 8:30pm

Club Meetings

  • Next Club meeting: April 12th, 2022

  • Club meetings will be held in person at the Platte County EOC facility (basement of the Platte County Sheriff's Office) at 7:00pm

More on D-Star

  • D-Star One (code name Sparrow) is a D-Star capable satellite and is up and running.

  • Look under Satellites (left hand column for more information).

New ISS FM repeater is active.

  • Uplink frequency of 145.99 MHz with an access tone of 67 Hz and a downlink frequency of 437.800 MHz.


Contact our Club President AC0TF - Dave for more information. E-mail address: (debke at eaglecom dot net)

Pawnee Amateur Radio Club

Columbus, Nebraska 68601

Grid Square: EN11

Latitude: 41° 25' 47" N Longitude: 97° 22' 5" W

Columbus, Nebraska Amateur Radio Club