Columbus D-STAR

The Pawnee Amateur Radio Club in conjunction with Platte County Emergency Management 
brought 2 meter and 70 cm D-STAR repeater modules to the Columbus area.  The repeater
has been assigned the call sign of WA0COL.

Settings for using the Columbus D-Star repeater and gateway

2 Meter Module "C" (146.955) - Open for amateur use, permanently linked to Reflector 002C 
R1: WA0COL C         (Make sure that there is a space before the "C")
R2: WA0COL G         (Make sure that there is a space before the "G")
MY: Your Call Sign Here

440 CM Module "B" (442.175) - Open for amateur use, radio linkable to other Reflectors
R1: WA0COL B         (Make sure that there is a space before the "B")
R2: WA0COL G         (Make sure that there is a space before the "G")
MY: Your Call Sign Here

Here are the latest equipment and site updates - in reverse chronological order:

(2013) Bi-Monthly Nebraska D-Star net starts:  KD0OBA and KD0RIZ are net control for the monthly Nebraska D-Star net.  Held on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 9:00pm on the 2 meter module this net spans all of the Nebraska linked D-Star sites (Columbus, Falls City, Grand Island, Kearney, Lincoln, and Omaha).  

(September 13, 2013) D-Star tower site clean-up.  KD0RIZ and KD0OBA with parts of the old microwave horns.



(August 13, 2013) PARC Club clean-up at the D-Star tower site

D-Star tower clean-up 1

D-Star Tower Clean-up 2

(November 2012) the WA0COL "C" node is linked to the Nebraska Perma-link repeater network
        Monitor the WA0COL "C" node Repeater traffic with your home computer
(October 2012) the WA0COL "C" node was off-line while the repeater module was sent in for repair.
(September 2012)  Find out who has been active on the WA0COL D-STAR repeaters.
(August 2012)  AC0DN and AC0OM make the first contact on the 442.175 WA0COL "B" voice
(August 2012)  Large obsolete microwave horns removed from the top of the tower.
Old microwave horns
Microwave horn and truck
(August 2012)  WA0COL oficially powered up and operating!   Photos to follow.
            Note: WA0COL is operating as a stand alone repeater.  The Internet connection
                     between the tower site and the ISP is challenging us.
(July 2012)  WA0COL delivered to the tower site and awaiting installation. 
WA0COL temporary placement
(July 2012)  WA0COL unloaded by KD0GMK - Rich, AC0DN - Chris, AC0TF - Dave, KD0OBA - Gene.
WA0COL Unloaded
(July 2012)  WA0COL equipment transported to the tower site.
WA0COL Transport
(July 2012)  2 meter and 440 antennas along with hard line feed line installed at the tower site (photo actually
taken after the microwave horns were removed in August)
WA0COL Tower
(June 2012)  D-STAR repeater controllers, duplexer cans, gateway computer and UPS received and installed in racks.   
Staged for configuration and testing before installation at the tower site. 
2012 D-Star 1
(June 2012)  Coordinated frequencies for the WA0COL Columbus D-STAR repeater:







 "B" Voice  442.175  +5 Mhz  447.175
 "C" Voice  146.955  -600 kHz  146.355
Pawnee Amateur Radio Club
Columbus, Nebraska 68601