D-STAR info

General information related to D-STAR 

Radio frequencies and settings for the Columbus WA0COL D-STAR nodes

Status of the Columbus WA0COL D-STAR Gateway

Check and see who was last heard on the REF002C: http://ref002.dstargateway.org/

Status of ALL of the D-STAR Gateways: http://dsync.dstarusers.org/index.php

Repeater Directory, Last Heard, How to Guides 
All D-Star users everywhere:    http://www.dstarusers.org/ 
Reflector 002 D-Star users:      http://www.dstarusers.org/viewrepeater.php?system=REF002 
Repeater and Net directories:   http://www.dstarinfo.com/     
D-STAR for Dummies (Ver 4.0) The Reference Manual
Check the status of your or someone elses D-STAR registration

Excellent D-Star overview and training (Training sessions from 2015 Infocon) 
Part 1 of 3:  https://youtu.be/cuQszEdxuV0  
Part 3 of 3:  https://youtu.be/Kx8kZCh5eFM  

Excellent D-Star overview and training (Training sessions from 2012 Dayton Hamvention)

D-Star without a radio (Direct Internet access to the D-Star network by using your microphone computer)

D-Star without a repeater (User your D-Star radio with your computer to access the Internet D-Star network)

iComm D-Star radio comparison list

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