Special Event Station 2017

Club Activities - 2016\7 Special Event Station - Andrew Jackson Higgins / Columbus Days

PARC members will be running a special event station August 20, 2016, during 
the 2016 Columbus Days weekend from the location of the Andrew Jackson 
Higgins WWII landing craft memorial in Pawnee Park, Columbus, Nebraska.

Columbus Nebraska map

This special event station will commemorate the life of Andrew Jackson Higgins 
(inventor of the famous WWII landing craft used successfully at the invasion at Normandy).

08/19/2017 | Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial at Columbus Days

August 19, 2017  1400 Z - 1800 Z (9 am to 1 pm CDT), Columbus, NE
Frequencies:  14.270 and 7.250

Certificates available c/o: Chris Augustine, 1421 14th Street, Columbus, NE 68601

All HF contacts will be entered into Log Book of the World

To commemorate the life of Andrew Jackson Higgins (inventor of 
the LCVP or Higgins Boat landing craft.  The WWII landing craft used 
successfully at the invasion at Normandy.  With production ranging from 1941 to 1950, 
some 20,000 Higgins Boats were produced during the rush of World War II.

  1. Andrew Jackson Higgins was the founder and owner of Higgins Industries, 
  2. the New Orleans-based manufacturer of "Higgins boats" during World War II. 
  3. BornAugust 28, 1886, Columbus, NE
  4. DiedAugust 1, 1952, New Orleans, LA

Learn more about the Landing Craft
Higgins Landing Craft 2

Higgins bluepring

The History of Columbus, Nebraska
Early in 1856, several citizens of Columbus, Ohio, dreamed of a bold business venture: the establishment of a town along the route of the proposed transcontinental railway. By March they had formed the “Columbus Town Company”.

Contact AC0TF  - Dave for more information.  E-mail address:  (debke at eaglecom dot net)
Pawnee Amateur Radio Club
Columbus, Nebraska 68601