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Welcome to Grade 6 and 7 at
Albion Elementary School!

Hi! I'm James White and I am your new Grade 6/7 teacher and Albion Elementary's new Vice Principal!

All About ME!
Married 18 years to my amazing wife Jenn
3 kids (Alex, 16...Meghan, 13...and Scotty, 11)
taught kindergarten to Grade 7, as well as Grade 8 Science, and Math Grade 8-11
Have a blonde labradoodle puppy Annie
LOVE: running obstacle races (Spartan, Tough Mudder), American Ninja Warrior, Math, 

Question of the Week!
Welcome to the Question of the Week! 
Here I post a question about anything. All you have to do is be the first to give me the correct answer (email me at, or write your answer down along with your name, grade, and classroom (if not in my class)), and you win
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Thursday June 15
Q: Who is the NEW PRINCIPAL at Albion for September 2017?

Calendar of Events!

Please let me know if you cannot access this calendar and I will make sure to fix it for you.


If you miss a day of school for any reason, YOU are responsible for catching up and copying any notes and examples, and you must ensure that all assignments/projects/homework tasks are completed and handed in on time (or when you return)

"Building Better All Star at a Time!"


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