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Welcome to Grade 5/6/7 at
Glenwood Elementary School!
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World Travel Concierge! 
YOU just got offered the job of a lifetime!

YOU get to travel the world (for free!) with exotic travellers to make sure their experience is beyond belief! The travellers pay for you to go with them to ensure that what you sold them is exactly what they were expecting and what they experience!

Part 1. The Sales Pitch
You have 15 minutes to pitch your best travel experience to a group of people who LOVE to travel and explore the world. These are specially invited "guests" to your presentation, and they are going to see many sales pitches from different people. 
They will only select ONE trip!
In the real world, a great sales pitch requires great info, high energy presentations, visuals, knowledge...did I mention it's a competition? You need to have your facts, figures, and slick presentation!

Part 2. Your Preparation
Know the geography: Where in the world is it? What's the land like there, the weather, natural wonders
Know the TYPE of trip: relax, adventure, wine tasting or white water rafting?
Know the culture: language, money, expenses, festivals, customs, food, clothing...
Know the history: people, the place, events...

Part 3. The Trip
On a world class trip, there are many expenses! Your job as a salesperson is to have the buyer spend as much as possible on the trip, but not so much that it's too expensive for them. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!
Know the travel: fly, train, bus, rent a car, cruise...

Know the accommodations: hotel, hostel, cruise, guest house, tent...

Know the food: restaurants, exotic picnics, make your own...

Know what there is to do/excursions: Must see, must do lists, adventures, theme parks...

(Think of what travellers do when on vacation or adventure travelling.)

Part 4. The Expense
On a world class trip of epic proportions, the buyer must really want your adventure! 
The basic package will be less expensive, but will not include everything you've shown them. There are always upgrades! From the travel, to staying, to eating, to excursions and life-changing experiences! 
Once they're sold they want your vacation, they'll often buy the upgrades! Great salespeople can DOUBLE the cost of the trip with extras!
Part 5. The Information package
Some will buy your trip on the spot and sign up immediately (people with LOTS of money!)
Some people will want to take the information home to think it over. These people do NOT have endless money and will need time to think about it, look on the internet, think about other offers.
What incentives can you give them if they buy it RIGH NOW?
REMEMBER! If they buy it right now you benefit!

Want to be AMAZED by MATH?
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To my students: I believe in you...
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