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Why a Works Cited?

Why do we create a Works Cited page for research projects? There are several reasons.

1. You have to be able to say where you got your information. This makes it more believable, or credible. Also, it helps to prove that you have not committed plagiarism, a serious academic offense.

2. We use a particular format called MLA so that it's easier for everyone to read. We put other types of information in very structured formats too - think about how envelopes are addressed.

Do you think post office workers have an easier time delivering an envelope addressed like this:

To my friend Ella in Beverly (outside boston) mainstreet #4, top floor apartment

Or like this:

Ella Smith
4 Main St., Apt. 5
Beverly, MA 01915

The second one is easier because you can know what information belongs in there and if anything is missing, and where to look for it. Citations are a lot like that too.

3. Many of your teachers in high school and college will also ask you to use this format, so you need to learn it now.