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Citation Maker Instructions

This page tells you how to use an automated citation maker in order to create a Works Cited page for a paper. You may also download these instructions to print them out.

Make sure you have all your citation forms filled out completely before you start!


Go to the OSLIS Citation Maker


Notice the links on the right side of the page in the yellow box under Source Type. For each citation you need to pick the correct resource type (book, encyclopedia, website, etc.) in order to get the right form to appear.

  1. Click on the resource (source type) you want to cite from the yellow box on the right. If a template does not appear, you might need to allow pop-ups from your browser.
  2. Complete the template form with information from your source. Only fill in the boxes that apply with information that is available.

BE SURE YOU ARE CAREFUL WITH YOUR SPELLING AND CAPITALIZATION! The citation maker will not fix those things.

You should capitalize the first word of each title and all other words in the title except for a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, it, or, nor.

  1. When you are done filling out the form, click Create Citation Below. Your citations will appear below the template in the dotted box.
  2. Go back to step 1 and continue this process for each of your sources. You may enter multiple citations without losing the previous ones.
  3. When you have entered all of your citations, click Sort All. This will sort them into the alphabetical order. NOTE: You may need to move a couple of items after you paste it into your word processed document if they start with quotation marks.
  4. Click Copy All. A dialog box will ask you if you want to continue. Click OK.
  5. A new page will open with your Works Cited page. You need to select all and copy (shortcuts: Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C).
  6. Open up Microsoft Word or another word processing program and paste it into there (Ctrl + V) and follow separate instructions to complete the formatting and make any necessary fixes.


  • If you realize that you made a mistake on a citation, or on all of them, you can "Delete Last" or "Delete All."
  • If you have more than one citation using the same format (for example, two books), after you do the first one, click "Clear Form."
  • When you are ready to move onto a different source type (maybe you just did a website, now you want to enter a book), just choose the new source type from the menu in the yellow column at right.
Alexandra Woznick,
Oct 24, 2011, 9:12 AM