What is a prefect?

Prefects take on a form of guidance and a leadership role within the student body of the academy. They will assist with daily duties and whole school events. They are expected to become role models for their peers, arriving to school on time, wearing their uniform correctly and acting in a way that other students should aspire to. There is no single quality (or combination of qualities) that determines a good prefect. Everyone brings different qualities to the position and the success of the team is based upon just that. This is an important role within our academy and any prefect not maintaining the high standards expected may result in them being withdrawn from their position.

How are prefects selected?

All students in Year 10 receive information on the process in an assembly and are actively invited to apply for the position of prefect from the beginning of June. The names of successful applicants go forward to all teaching staff for recommendations before individual interviews are held. A panel then meet to agree on the final selection. Attendance, punctuality, attitudes to learning and personal qualities will also be considered in the final selection.

Prefect Application Form

Prefect Selection Letter

Many congratulations to the following students who are our prefects for the academy year 2018-19:

Mollie Aarons, Samuel Adebayo, Holly Ager, Omar Amran, Amber Armstrong, Guy Barrett, Emma Barritt, Jack Bray, Millie Brookfield, Paolo Caliendo, Gabriel Chiddicks, Emily Clements, Oliver Coker, Jack Cooper, Maddie Copeman, Lauren Cottey, Isabelle Draper, Emily Du-Preez, Lily Dyer, Jessica Eades, Dylan Edmeades, Jake Edwards, Ceri Ewing, Natasha Freeman, Shani Friedberg, Elsie Gibb, Heather Gibb, Samuel Goody, Stephen Green, Rebecca Hawkins, Lydia Hipson, Jacob Hotten, Isobel Hurdle, Eden Jackson, Eloise Joynes, Leia Kinch, Tallulah King, Amy Knight, Crystal Kong, Bethany Lloyd, Abby Lockwood, Che Lucas, Alicia Lyons, Zoe Massam, Oliver Maynard, Freya Mckinnon, Evie Mcmillan, George Miloslawer, Joseph Murphy, Jake Narciso, Amy Nicholls, Taylor Oliva, Honor Paradise, Kieran Raby, Victoria Rogers, America Sanchez-Berry, Thomas Smith, Luke Smythe, William Sounes, Lea Stock-Kelly, Daniel Street, Delphine Swanson-Brown, Ryan Sykes, Kyan Tasker, William Thresher, Jack Trott, Millie Turner, Katy Tyrrell, Connie West, Denny Williams, Elizabeth Woodrough, Annabelle Yates-Ringshall.