Prefect Team 2017

Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in the prefect application process.

Alyssa Snow, Amy Peacham, Brandon Ellis, Bryoni Walsh, Caitlen Chapman, Catelyn Etherington, Charlie Cassidy, Charlotte Cooke, Christian Rungay, Daniel Tomline, Danielle Hennessy, Dean Gooding, Elizabeth Cross, Ella Rowlands, Ellie Atkins, Ellie Tracey, Elliot Ward, Emily Slaughter, Ethan Banks, Ffion Allen, George Green, Georgie Copeman, Harry Knox, Harry Vallance, Hollie Cox, Holly Saye, Jade-Lea Mason, Jake Simons, James Brooks, Jessica Newman, Joe Price, Jordan Hall, Joseph Hudson, Joshua Armstrong, Josie Kerr, Kate Montgomery, Laura Day, Lauren Kay, Lauren Smart, Libby Hanson, Lily Hopkins, Louise Heywood, Lucy Bailey, Lucy Garrard, Luke Sodeau, Maisie Chaperlin, Matthew Jarvis, Nick Clements, Olivia Collins, Olivia Meddle, Olivia Williams, Piers Illand, Rebecca Ambridge, Rebecca Essex, Rebeka Thompson, Remy Mai Hilton, Sam Potter, Sam Richardson, Sophia Spencer, Sophie de Jong, Sophie Wardle, Summer Thorpe, Tom Bloomfield, Tom Clowes, William Wheeler, William Wright, Zennith Giddings, Zoe Clarke Smith, Benjamin Martin, Niamn Leverett, Amy Robinson, Jasmine Tuffin-Croud, Milla Middleton- Dansie, Isabelle Alabaster, Joshua Reid, Ellie Stevens.

There is still the opportunity to become a prefect and this continues throughout Year 11.

What is a prefect?

Prefects take on a form of guidance and a leadership role within the student body of the academy. They will assist with daily duties and whole school events. They are expected to become role models for their peers, arriving to school on time, wearing their uniform correctly and acting in a way that other students should aspire to. There is no single quality (or combination of qualities) that determines a good prefect. Everyone brings different qualities to the position and the success of the team is based upon just that. This is an important role within our academy and any prefect not maintaining the high standards expected may result in them being withdrawn from their position.

How are prefects selected?

All students in Year 10 receive information on the process in an assembly and are actively invited to apply for the position of prefect. Students can apply from the middle of May. The names of successful applicants go forward to all teaching staff for recommendations before individual interviews are held. A panel then meet to agree on the final selection. Attendance, punctuality, attitudes to learning and personal qualities will also be considered in the final selection. Prefects are usually announced in June.