Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the world’s leading achievement award for young people, and is highly regarded by universities, colleges and employers. It encourages young people to develop independence, commitment, leadership and teamwork through being involved in a personalised programme of activities.

The award is split into four sections; volunteering, physical, skill and expedition and it takes approximately six months to complete all the required various activities. Three of the sections need to be completed in your own time; these are the volunteering, physical and skill sections of the award (each of these requires a three month commitment, plus an additional three months in any one section).

An important element of the award is the expedition. This involves two camping and walking expeditions; one will be a training expedition and the other a qualifying expedition.

The award is designed to challenge you to become more independent and develop a range of skills which are valued by employers. You will participate in one training lesson a week working towards achieving each section of the course. Training will be given on first aid, navigation, leadership and camp craft.

Further information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme can be found at http://www.dofe.org/.