Uniform and Equipment

Greensward Academy's uniform is available to purchase from Danielle's shops in Hockley and Rayleigh. All uniform items should be purchased or ordered through Danielle's. Online ordering is available through their website: www.daniellesshop.co.uk.

We believe good standards of dress promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify students to local residents and future employers as members of an efficient organisation. The co-operation of all parents/carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform to and from the academy as well as during normal school hours.

Please note that Greensward Academy makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all aspects of a student’s appearance. All items must be purchased from our uniform supplier Danielle’s in Hockley and Rayleigh with the exception of those items in italics.


Greensward Academy Blazer

Plain mid grey trousers

Greensward tie

Plain navy or black socks

Greensward navy jumper (optional)

Plain white shirt with stiff collar for wearing with a clip-on tie (short or long sleeved)


Greensward Academy Blazer

Plain navy trousers or pleated grey skirt

Greensward tie

Plain navy or black socks / black or neutral tights, neutral trainer socks/ no socks or tights

Greensward navy jumper (optional)

Plain white shirt/blouse with stiff collar for wearing with a clip-on tie (short or long sleeved)

Sports Kit - Boys & Girls

Mandatory Items Optional Items

White sport t-shirt Royal blue hooded top

Royal blue & white shorts Navy & white performance trousers

Royal blue & white rugby shirt White thermal base

Trainers with a non-marking sole

Astro trainers or moulded stud boots

Plain swimming trunks or one piece swimming costume

Shin pads (for contact sports)

This is all available to purchase from Danielle's.


Students are allowed to wear a watch, one pair of small stud earrings (i.e. one in each ear lobe only) and a medic alert chain if necessary. No other jewellery should be worn. No body piercing is allowed, including tongue, eyebrow and nose and in any part of the ear other than in the lobe.


Hairstyle is an important aspect of the image central to the individual and the image the individual creates for Greensward Academy. No extreme hairstyles i.e. not less than a grade 2 in length or brightly coloured or two-tone hair. Any hair bands, clips, etc should be plain navy, white or black.


The rules are very clear. There is to be no make-up worn by any students in Years 7-9 inclusive. Minimal or very discreet make-up is permitted in Years 10 and 11. This, however, does not include the wearing of fake tan, false eyelashes, tinted or coloured eyebrows, false nails or nail varnish.

If any student is deemed to be wearing make-up they will be asked to remove it. Persistent offenders will risk further sanctions.

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For Lessons:

  • Pens (blue or black ballpoints), pencil, ruler, rubber, scientific calculator, colouring pencils, glue stick, reading book, pocket dictionary.

Food Technology

A large, labelled Tupperware type container


Green pen, highlighter (a couple of different colours would be good), mini dictionary/thesaurus.


Small Spanish-English dictionary (compulsory).

Art and Design

A4 sized sketchbook with good quality paper. You can either buy your own or ask your parents to purchase one through their ParentPay account. Sketchbooks can be collected from the Art department during your lesson. You must bring basic stationery equipment to all Art lessons and a couple of good sketching pencils (2B/4B) would also be advantageous.


An A4 ring binder.