Whilst they should never be seen as the be all and end all of education, outcomes are important and Greensward Academy Sixth Form is proud to take its place amongst the upper echelons of providers, not just locally, but nationally.

Ranked as “outstanding or excellent” by the ALPS progress measure for almost a decade, our students routinely outperform their target grades across a range of subject areas. Whatever their starting point or context, our students work with commitment and focus and are supported by an established staff of expert teachers; it is clearly a partnership that works. Indeed, with a student body of over 250, we are proud that so many put their trust in us for two of the most important years of their lives.

Highlighting the breadth of quality at the Academy, departments as diverse as Business Studies and Chemistry, Economics and Art, Finance and Photography, Health and Social Care and IT all gained the coveted “outstanding” rating for their A level or BTEC results in 2023.

For our 2023 cohort 

Full details of Sixth Form performance can be viewed on the DFE schools performance tables website.