About Us

Greensward Academy is a co-educational 11-19 comprehensive in the Academies Enterprise Trust. Our approach is based on delivering excellence in teaching and learning. We will encourage creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching for all students. This will ensure a continuous and consistent focus on student achievement and development in all areas. We will drive innovation in education ensuring Greensward is able to respond to a changing world and that the skills, learning and aspirations of our students are developed and enhanced through creative personalised learning and excellence in teaching.

Greensward Academy aims to provide the opportunity for all young learners to fulfil their real potential, broaden their horizons and become active, prosperous and successful citizens in the world around them. We believe that all young people deserve to become world class learners - to learn, enjoy, succeed and thrive in a first rate educational environment, with the best facilities, the best teaching and the most up to date resources available to them.

The academy is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that young people are able to, in the future, compete on the world stage with the skills, confidence and flair to generate new ideas, new initiatives and thereby make a full contribution to tomorrow's world.

Our Vision: At Greensward Academy we want each and every child inspired to choose a Remarkable Life.

Our Mission: To gather and motivate inspirational people committed to delivering an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives.

Our Values


At AET, we choose to be unusually brave. We're not afraid to challenge wrongs, to make the right call, even when it's both unusual and difficult to do so.


We are on the search for discovering what's possible. We look to create 'eureka moments' for our students, helping them discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.


We always strive to push the limits. We don't settle for less than excellent and we won't allow our students to either. We resolve to overcome any self-imposed limits.


We commit to being big-hearted. We choose to treat each other with kindness, warmth and care, believing that everybody matters and believing in one another.

There are approximately 1585 students and 88 teaching staff. It is organised as follows:

Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9 Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11 Key Stage 5: Years 12 and 13

Student Admissions

  • Number of students on roll in September 2022: 1585

  • Indicated admission number for Academic Year 2022/23: 270

  • Published admission number for September 2023: 270

Absence Data

Years 7-11 4.12% authorised absence / 0.78% unauthorised absence

Sixth Form 3.50% authorised absence / 1.23% unauthorised absence

Financial Statement

Greensward Academy's financial statement can be viewed on the AET website.

A gift register for this academic year is available to view upon request by contacting the AET Finance Team.