Assessment & Reports


Cloud School (Progresso)

We are currently using our school's information system Cloud School (formerly Progresso) to enable you to access your child's report online.

This can be carried out either:

  • Using a pc / mac - Cloud School can be accessed here. Details of how to use the website version can be found below.

  • Using a mobile device - details of how to download and use the mobile app can be found below.



What are Age Related Expectations?

  • Every subject is underpinned by Age Related Expectations (AREs) which define the knowledge, understanding and skills students are expected to achieve in Years 7, 8 and 9.

  • The AREs have been written by the Academies Enterprise Trust and based on the National Curriculum.

  • Students are awarded an attainment grade against the AREs for each subject.

How do I know what standard my child is working at?

  • Students are given a current attainment grade at each reporting cycle for each subject. This is based on how well the student is achieving the ARE for each subject.

  • The grading system follows the primary school model and students are regarded as being in one of the following three categories:

Working Towards Age Related Expectation

Working At Age Related Expectation

Working Beyond Age Related Expectation

How was the current attainment grade arrived at?

  • Students do assessments in all subjects at various points throughout the year. These results are used in combination with class work and homework to determine the current attainment grade.

How do I know how well my child is doing?

  • Students have a target for each subject which has been based on their Key Stage 2 SATS scores.

  • The current grade will indicate whether or not your child is making good progress or not e.g. if a student has a target for a subject of Working At Age Related Expectation and they are currently Working Beyond Age Related Expectation then they are making very good progress. However, if a student has a target of Working Beyond Age Related Expectation and they are Working At Age Related Expectation then they are not making good progress.

  • If a student’s current grade is matching their target grade then they are making good progress.

Set changes

  • Following analysis of the report grades it may be the case that students will change sets to ensure that they are in a set that matches their present level of progress.

  • If a student is changing sets during the academic year then we will write to you to confirm this is the case.

  • It may be the case that students change sets between academic years but we will not necessarily write to you in this situation.

  • All set changes in Years 7, 8 and 9 are managed by Miss Crane so please email her if you have any setting queries at

  • If you have any subject specific queries or concerns about your child’s progress then please contact the teacher directly via or by phone.