Bullying incidents are taken very seriously at Greensward Academy We firmly believe that every student has the right to feel safe and happy within the school environment.

Remember what we mean by bullying? - ‚ÄčIntentionally hurting another individual/group either emotionally or physically.

Sometimes these acts can be carried out through the use of technology and are referred to as cyber bullying.

Advice and Support

If you have any concerns then there a variety of places you can seek support. In school you could speak to any of the following:

  • Your Form Tutor
  • Your Head Year or Pastoral Support Assistant
  • Our School Counselling Team
  • Any teacher or other member of staff you feel comfortable talking to

Greensward Academy Peer Mentors are always available to help you with any bullying you may be experiencing. Some of our Year 12 and 13 students have undertaken a day of approved training in order to be able to confidently support younger students over a range of issues. They are called our Peer Support Team and they are co-ordinated by Mrs Lynda Ketteridge and have close daily contact with her.

If you want to seek support or gain information from elsewhere then you could click on any of the links for the following organisations:

Kidscape offers advice and practical skills to learn how to deal with bullying.

If you are worried about anything, it could be something big or something small, don't bottle it up, it can really help if you talk to someone.

General and specific advice on all types of bullying.

Bullying has a severe impact on the well being, attainment and aspirations of LGBT students. Stonewall offer good advice on how to deal with LGBT+ bullying.

Connect Safely has tips, safety advice and other resources to promote safe, effective use of technology.