Salemtowne Trails

Your  guide to exploring Salemtowne by walking its campus and  woodland trails

North Carolina has declared 2023 as the Year of the Trail, a time to showcase, promote, and celebrate our trails. For more information go to Year of the Trail.

Salemtowne celebrated its 50th year in 2022

Salemtowne is a large, life plan senior living community located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Salemtowne has a beautiful campus that includes acres of protected woodlands with miles of walking trails. Salemtowne Trails was created to encourage authorized trail users to walk around the campus and help them enjoy their walks. It provides information about how the trail system originated, how to navigate the trails, and what you might see while walking the trails.

Salemtowne Trails is NOT an official Salemtowne website.

Authorized Trail Users

The Forest Keepers can always use more volunteers, contact Tom Mann for more information.

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