Here at St Paul’s, mathematics is taught in a creative and interactive way, which engages and excites children to learn. Over the last few years, we have gone through an exciting period of changes in maths, in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. There is now a much larger focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving in maths. As part of this, we embrace different ways of teaching maths in order to support all children’s learning, which includes hands on physical activities; child led teaching; games; computing; investigation and many other avenues. From this, children are making excellent progress and enjoy maths at St Paul’s.

"I like maths because we get to do loads of times tables games and fractions." Year 3

"The teachers make maths fun." Year 3

"Maths can be challenging but the teachers encourage us to be resilient to overcome challenges and enjoy activities." Year 5

"Miss Luker has taught us that Mathematics is the path to joy." Year 5

"Before I started at St Paul's, I hated maths and through all the years, I have built up my confidence - now it's my favourite lesson!" Year 6

"I really enjoy maths because you can challenge yourself as much as you want and there's always that time when you learn something new every step of the way. I also really enjoy the fun activities with maths." Year 6

At St Paul’s, we ensure all children from Reception to Year 6 are supported and challenged where necessary through the use of differentiation in tasks, outcomes and support. In KS2, we stream for maths, which allows children to be supported and challenged. We are privileged at St Paul’s to be able to stream in multiple ways and to have flexible maths groups for all children’s needs.

Mathematics and Calculation Policies:

Mathematics Policy 2020.pdf
Calculation Policy 2021.pdf

My Maths and Times Table Rockstars

Each child has a log in to MyMaths and Times Tables Rockstars. It is the same username and password for both and the children get this at the beginning of the year and can ask their teacher if they forget/lose it.

MyMaths is a fully interactive, online mathematics learning solution for children of all ages and abilities. It helps your child to develop their understanding of maths through a variety of engaging activities, games and assessments. Teachers, pupils and parents love MyMaths because lessons are clearly laid out and they fit current recommended practice.

Times Table Rockstars is excellent for developing fluency and mental maths for all ages! Children make themselves a rock star avatar and can compete with other children from their year in answering times tables questions.