Modern Foreign Languages

At St Paul’s CofE Primary School, Kingston Hill, French is our main language but not the only language we teach; our modern foreign language (MFL) teaching and learning is linked to other subjects in the curriculum, topical themed days and the home languages of our pupils. We like to embrace all contributions from our multi-linguistic pupils – see our multi-linguistic welcome display in the reception area!

The National Curriculum requires schools to teach foreign languages in Key Stage 2. However, at St Paul's we want to give our pupils many different experiences in EYFS & Key Stage 1. From September 2020, all year groups will have the opportunity to learn languages mainly focusing on French. Reception and KS1 will mostly do this through stories and songs with more formal language lessons beginning in Year 3. If you are a French speaker and would be interested in visiting a class to read a French story, teach a song or sing a French nursery rhyme, please contact Mrs Randell via the school office. 

This is our curriculum intent

By the end of lower KS2

By the end of upper KS2

Knowledge Organiser - French-Y1
Knowledge Organiser - French year 2 (1).pdf
Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1 French Year 6.pdf
From Reception to Year 4 - Language lessons

Answering questions in French

Year 4 pictures from a french lesson, where they had to answer questions in French in pairs looking at their previous knowledge 
Signs in French around the school and instructions in French

Tasting French Food

Year 3 Tasting French Food

Les Directions

Year 4 learnt how to give directions in French. They learnt how to say turn right, turn left, go straight on and stop. They went out into the playground and gave each other directions to follow. Back inside the classroom, the children gave a volunteer instructions how to find a hidden toy. 

Year 4 learnt how to give directions in French.

Learning the Emotions

La mode (Fashion)

Year 5 - La mode (Fashion)