A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. We are pleased to hear that Ofsted are interested in content being learnt deeply and with enjoyment rather than being focused on data or a vast amount of different topics. With this in mind, computing will see some major investment this year as we are currently rethinking our next choice of hardware. We are excited about the prospect of this new change and how we can continue to improve computing across the school. If you have any suggestions, contacts or ideas about computing, please get in touch via the school office.

Learning in Action


Coding, in the simplest of terms, is telling a computer what you want it to do, which involves typing in step-by-step commands for the computer to follow. With the introduction of the new Curriculum in 2014, coding is now taught in primary schools.

Some websites focusing on coding skills recommended by AfC (Achieving for Children) can be found below:

Quotes from across the school:

I like going on the computers and doing maths games. Paul, Year 1

I really like playing games on the computer. Lois, Year 2

My favourite software is 2Simple and making pictures which actually look real. Aliciana, Year 3

At school I use Scratch and then I go home and move on to do coding with Python. I love using computers! Noah, Year 4

I love using j2e to make PowerPoints and trying out new things. Zara, Year 5

I like lessons where we tell the robots what to do. Anna, Year 6

I love going on TTRockstars and MyMaths within lessons. Bella, Year 6

I love doing PowerPoints and I also make them at home. Zoe, Year 6


Summer 2019: Create a PowerPoint presentation which answers the question ‘Why is computing important in schools?’

  • Entry is open to all pupils but should be completed without an adult’s help
  • Joint presentations are allowed
  • PowerPoints should be e-mailed to Mrs Poole via the school office by 3pm Thursday 13th June -
  • Judges (TBC) will choose a winner from YR-Y2, Y3-Y4 and Y5-Y6
  • The winning PowerPoints will be showcased in an assembly to the whole school, a certificate will be awarded and 10 house points will be given.