An Environmentally Friendly School 

We are an environmentally friendly school. We have Eco-captains and meetings to find different ways to help improve our environment, encouraging ourselves, and others, to be more environmentally friendly. We use resources from The Pod and join the campaigns provided by Eco-schools. You can take part in some of the environmental learning activities by clicking on the links below. 

New Eco-captains 2023/24


Last term the Eco-committee carried out a survey and felt that we could know more about marine life and how pollution is impacting our rivers and oceans.  

Two year 6 Eco-captains wrote an assembly highlighting problems for sea creatures.  They also created a PowerPoint to go with the assembly.

God’s creative and redemptive love embraces not just humankind, but all creation.(Psalm 148, Colossians 1, Romans 8, I Corinthians 15, Revelation 21)

Green assembly

This term year the Eco-school captains have been working hard.  They have written and produced an assembly with a fantastic Powerpoint to match!  The main theme was waste.  This included wasting food, and highlighting the impact of plastic and industrial waste on our planet. 

The children have been weighing the food waste and we are now hoping to reduce the amount of food put in the food waste bin.  Make sure you do your bit to help by selecting the school meals that you like and not asking for more than you can eat.

Let's save this planet together!

What our children say about Eco-schools

‘Being an Eco-Captain is definitely one of the highlights at St Pauls. You get to help look after the school environment and it never takes us your learning time.’ – Erin Year 6, Eco-chair

‘I feel that it is important to look after the environment as there are many animals that need a habitat.  If the environment is not well looked after, they and their habitat will become extinct and because the eco-system is off-balance.’ – Eva year 6, Vice-chair

There are 2 Eco-school captains in from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.  

We meet regularly to perform tasks and discuss different ways we can improve our environment and anything they have noticed that needs to be changed.

This year we have put together an assembly, litter picked in the playground and weighed the food waste in the dining room. 

What our children say about Eco-schools

‘I think it’s important to have Eco-school captains as it allows pupils to be creative and learn about the environment.  This is the generation that matters.  We need to change’. – Georgie year 5

‘I think it is important to be a school Eco-captain because some people don’t look after the environment.’ – Amber year 2

‘It is good to have the Eco-school captains because they help the environment.’ Toby Year 1

Each year the children elect two Eco-school captains from each class. We meet during assembly time and discuss the things that we feel need to be changed. The Eco-school captains carry out an environmental review of the school. They also elect a chair and deputy to take on leadership tasks.

We are focused on 5 different areas:

Eco schools website.mp4

Recycling pens

Through Terracycle we are now going to recycle our whiteboard pens. The Eco-school captains made boxes for their classrooms and year groups. There were some fantastic boxes. Keep recycling!

Toy swap

Wear It Wild Day

On Wear it Wild Day, we had a wild day dressing up and having our faces painted. The Eco-School Captains did an assembly to help us learn about what is happening to the animals on our planet with change in climate and loss of habitat.