Here at St Paul’s, English is taught in an innovative, creative and interactive way. We aim to engage, inspire and challenge pupils. We follow the New National Curriculum and we continually adapt and revamp our plans. The English Curriculum covers Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Speaking and Listening, Presenting and Drama.

We want all of our children to leave St Paul’s equipped with the essential reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, as well as a love of books and language.

What are children say about English

“ I enjoy English because we get to read back our written work and share it with others. My favourite book was the Lonely Beast.“

“ I like it when we write stories and do big writes as we have no boundaries and can use our imagination. I particularly liked Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The Dancing Bear’ because of the language used and how the author wrote about the characters.”

English Curriculum Documents

Phonics powerpoint from workshop.pdf

English Across the School

School Overview Table for English 

Whole School English Overview.pdf

What are children say about English

“ I love reading, especially adventurous stories by authors like Rick Riordan.”

“ When you read and hear stories, it is like you are teleported into a different world.”

“ I like English because we do lots of different things. My favourite thing to do is drama and I also enjoyed creating my own Just So Story book.”

World Book Day 

Extreme Reading Competition 

Otis the Reading Dog

St Paul’s have been very lucky to have a furry visitor come listen to us read! Otis, a reading dog, has been coming in once a week to listen to children read him stories! 

Otis’ owners are hoping to train him to become a therapy dog and are very keen for him to socialise with lots of different people. We love reading to Otis because he is such a good listener as well as very cuddly.