HBRG Highland Fungus Group

Welcome to the HBRG Highland Fungus Group. As our name suggests, we are an informal sub-group of the Highland Biological Recording Group (HBRG). HBRG was set up in 1986 to stimulate public interest and involvement in biological recording. Our fungus sub-group has been set up in 2013.

We are a friendly group of folk interested in improving our knowledge of fungi in the Highlands. We will organise some expert led forays and workshops, but most of our meetings will be peer-led and an opportunity for us all to share what we know. Everyone welcome!

We will publish details of our meeting on the HBRG website, the Scottish Field Mycology Yahoo Group and the Scottish Fungi Facebook page. Meetings we've planned so far, along with any others we hear about in the Highlands, are also included in the event calendar below.

Ganoderma aff. lucidum
Asterophora lycoperdoides