Debate Guides

Here are some guides to debating in general, to specific styles of Debate, and sample videos of debates by university students.

Guide to MSDA Debate  This site has a summary of what to do in a parliamentary debate in Manitoba

Introductory Student Guide to Debate  This site has an introduction to Debating in general, organized around 10 questions

Debatabase  This site has arguments on a long list of topics

Debate Guides from Sacred Heart School  Brian Casey, the very talented and successful coach at Sacred Heart School in Halifax, has put together some excellent debating guides and material.

Simon Quinn's Debate Guide  Simon Quinn, a successful World Schools debater, has put together a guide to World School's style debating, and many of the ideas are also useful for other types of debating.

Some University Debate Guides  This Canadian university debate site has a number of downloadable guides, including  the rules and strategies for Canadian University debating, and for British Parliamentary Debating, a style that involves 2 two-person teams on each side. Some are at a fairly advanced level.

An Introductory Guide to Canadian University Debating This guide is has good ideas for university style debates, and many of them are also useful for debating in general.

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