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Auto mount partitions in Ubuntu

We are going to install the program that will make the process easy is called “Storage Device Manager”. Enter this command in a terminal window to install it:

sudo apt-get install pysdm

Now fire it up from System > Administration > Storage Device Manager and enter your password. Once running, from the left hand side panel choose the partition you want to be mounted on startup (expand the hard drives list first). Then click on “Assistant” on the right side.

Now you are presented with the options window. Just check the “The file system is mounted at boot time” and uncheck the “Mount file system in read-only mode”.

You can edit the other options if you want but be careful, it might damage your system. When done click the “OK” button then hit “Apply”. Close the program and restart to see the effect. That’s it!

There are some caveeats. It doesn't see other system partitions, nor does it see any of my primairy windows partitions. And worst of all, I cant get any NAS devices mounted wih this tool. So it is nice in the beginning, but you still need knowledge about FSTAB.