Ubuntu Linux

Since I started to use Ubuntu 6.10 in October 2006, my whole computer experience changed. I was quite good at using Windows XP at that time. Lots of friends and family  asked me if their computer acted weird. (They still do). But I needed more flexibility on my PC. I downloaded a liveCD and tried to ubuntu. It was nice. I made a dual boot installation and it all worked nicely on my old Pentium III 800 Mhz machine with 512 Mb RAM.
I upgraded my hardware in spring 2007 and choose a machine with linux compatible hardware. I still didn't get rid of Windows, but I really never boot the dual installed Windows partition. It wasn't hard to do. Windows Vista sucked and Ubuntu 7.04 did everything I wanted it to do. Even networkprinting worked out of the box.

My wife, of course, used Win XP on her laptop too but that machine crashed. (She dropped it on the floor). A colleague of mine got rid of his old laptop and I took the opportunity to try to install Ubuntu on it. It worked out of the box except for the WIFI. But after changing the defauld network manager for another one it all worked like a charm. The laptop was 10 years old and my wife is still using it.
In these first years I still dual booted my machine. I still do, but now between Linux Mint and Linux Ubuntu. I stell need windows for teleworking for my boss doesn't allow teleworking without windows. But it's okay to use Windows in a VirtualBox.

On this website I tried to collect all my experience found on other websites, discoveries I did myself and tips and tricks I just like to make life easier on a Ubuntu machine.

When friends aske me to help them with their computers, I try to revive Windows a bit, AND i install Ubuntu on their machine with a dual boot menu. I didn't have any complaint yet (but they might just be polite).

Tip: if you are new to Linux. in case you were not aware, the tab key can be used to automatically enter file names, which saves on typing.  For example, to enter a command, I could have just typed “sudo unzip -q next” and pressed the tab key.  In fact I did.  The whole file name is then inserted automatically if it is available in the local directory.

Enjoy this website and if it's not on this site, it's probably somewhere else on the internet.

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