Polo Shirt Case


This is my second review of a Dai "Edi" Nagata designed packing puzzle after the CUP CASE; this time named POLO SHIRT CASE. This one is a little bit more expenisve than CUP CASE (I paid Euro 13,95) but still on the low side. It is well manufactured from Philos. The POLO SHIRT CASE made its debute at the IPP 2002 and won the Grand Prize there!

The target is the same as with CUP CASE. You have two different frames and 4 pieces (polo shirts this time) which need to be put into the respective frames. It took me 20 minutes + 30 mintues to fully solve this puzzle and it was really fun and I also felt a kind of an achievement after I solved it.

I think this is a great puzzle for the intermediate puzzlers because besides you might have a hard time to find the correct solution to a frame you will solve it sooner or later and in connection with the price it makes also a great gift or addition to a puzzle collection. It is definitely worth to buy it!