Laser Engraving Machine

For some time already I wished to have a Laser Engraving Machine.

Anyone who has ever made puzzles by hand, knows to appreciate such a machine.

They are extremely precise, fast and the production costs are very low.

But the machines are very expensive. Thus the cheapest model made in Europe costs far more than 4000 Euro.

The more I was surprised to find the machines for 700 to 1000 Euro at ebay.

I seized the chance, when I saw a very cheap offer for 568.65 Euro.

I was looking forward to the laser and could hardly wait to get it.

But when the laser came, my disappointment was very huge. The laser could only engrave, not cut.

The Software NewlySeal was only destined to deal with seals. Nothing else.

I hoped that I only needed to change the software.

I searched in the Internet for information and found out that there was also NewlyDraw

which offered cutting possibilities. So I addressed the Jinan company which had produced my machine.

A person called Walter responded:

Today we received your letter about the Newly Draw software.

We are Jinan Senfeng Technology Co., Ltd , I think you have bought our laser stamp engraving machine SF40B .

It is not easy to change the Newlyseal software to the Newlydraw software . Because their main board are not same.

In the enclosed of the email , You can see the main board of the newly seal and the newlydraw ,

If you can fix the wires of the Newly draw main board , we can send the Newly draw main board , the USB dongle and the software to you .

The price of the Newly draw software (include the main board , the USB dongle , CD ) is 170USD. it is the lowest price .

If you have any other request , please send to us .

Best regards

Walter Wang

Whereas I had so far made the experience that Chinese speak only half correct English,

this time I was positively surprised. The Trade Manager was very helpful.

He forwarded my open questions to the technics department.

Unfortunately the feedback was that the laser machine as well as the software

correspond only to the according motherboard.

He recommended me the SF400 for 1200 dollar + 100 dollar shipping,

which I accepted.

The payment was for me a bit unusual, as I had to pay via Western Union.

The bill of lading were sent via TNT.

The machine arrived after 40 days.

In addition to the purchase price additional costs (450 Euro in my case) should be considered

for the port and custom fees.

I had some problems with the software installation.

As the User Manual is very short and there is no FAQ on their homepage, I had to try out some things myself.

When installing the software, it should be paid attention that the CD is inserted into the drive

and that the laser which is connected with the computer is switched on. Then windows installs the driver automatically.

Afterwards NewlyDraw can be installed.

After these beginner problems the laser worked without any problems.