Triangular Jam


Today’s puzzle review is about Hirokazu Iwasawa’s TRIANGULAR JAM which is meanwhile the 3rd jam puzzle I am writing about (after RECTANGULAR AND RIGHTANGULAR JAM). He entered it in the competition 2004 and since then the German company Philos is selling it worldwide for Euro 9,95 (have a look at Ebay).

As with the other jam puzzles before your goal is to move the dark piece to the tray exit without lifting one of the four given pieces (as the name suggests - all triangle-shaped). The instructions give you a certain starting position and then you have to try to move the 4 triangular pieces in a way to make space for the dark triangle to slip out which is the only piece fitting through the small opening in the given tray. The other 3 pieces are too thick to move through the fissure. I have to say that it was the easiest jam puzzle till now and it only took me about 3-5 minutes to solve. Philo’s difficulty rating (1/4) seems to be correct therefore whilst Puzzle Master rates it a 7/10 which is too high in my opinion.

Since you can also try other starting configurations (which is good for replayability) you can have quite some fun with this one. The usual very good Philos quality (although not using exotic woods) and the competitive pricing is another good reason to buy this puzzle. It is great for children or puzzle newbies but might be too easy for the hardcore puzzlers around.