When I had a look through the various IPP competitions another name regularly showed up - Rocky Chiaro. Who is this guy and what is he doing? Well, after a little research I found out that he is one of a few guys left who brilliantly craft brass puzzles. They are by no means cheap but hey, as a collector I had to buy a few puzzles of course and the first one for review is called TOE-KEY-YO which entered the IPP competition in 2004. Where? I think the puzzle name gives it away.

The goal is obvious. Remove the ring from the key! When I started to fiddle around with the puzzle I immediately recognized one slightly moving part and having read that all his puzzles are perfectly crafted to precision (which I can confirm herewith) I had the suspicion that this will be part of the solution. On the way to free the ring I walked into the only trap of this puzzle although I was on the right way. I changed someting in the solving process et voila, the ring was in my hand. Finally I needed a good 15 minutes in total to solve this puzzle which not really belongs to the thoughest puzzles out there. I would rate it a 3 out of 10. I think for women it will be a bit more challenging (no offense - it has something to do with the solution).

It is my first piece from Rocky and there will be more - promised. If you are a serious collector and have the funds to spend a bit more than usual then Rocky's puzzles are a "must-have". He has an own website with information about the available puzzles along with a price list. You just have to go there and order!