Cube Art is invented and designed by Durandus Dijken, who lives in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

I was surprised a bit by the name CubeArt, as this is a term from the art.

Cube Art refers to pixel like pictures which are created by piling up many rubik's cubes.

Nevertheless this design is inspired by the work of the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan.

Piet Mondriaan is one of the founders of abstract painting and famous for its black grids

which are filled with black rectangular spaces in basic colours.

CubeArt is delivered in a plastic hard case box.

Inside are 8 cubic magnetic blocks and a thin magnetic board.

The eight black rectangular blocks have stickers on the sides and are hollow inside.

The blocks have different sizes, for example there is a cube with 1x1x1 and another cube with 2 x 2 x 2 units.

Of the remaining six cubes half have the size 2x1x1 and the other half 2x2x1.

The stickers have the colours: green, yellow, red, blue, orange and white.

The goal is to order the cube in such a way that each face has the same four-colour-combination.

There are altogether four solutions for the puzzle.

The puzzle is a classical 3-dimensional pattern puzzle in the shape of a cube.

Popular examples of this kind are Instant Insanity or Kolor Kraze.

Puzzles of this style are not very difficult, as you can find the solution by a systematical search.

To find a solution for CubeArt, I started with the biggest cube.

The combination is very high although there are only a few cubes to order.

Thus I needed about 3 to 4 hours to find a solution.

The magnetic board shows for three solutions the according colour combination.

If you use this hint and consider that the magnetic board is a border in the middle

which limits the combination possibilities, then the puzzle can be solved within 90 minutes.

While playing the puzzle, I was fascinated by the clicking sounds created by the magnets and its design.

Thus the puzzle is not only a mental challenge, but also an audible and visual pleasure.

It is a combination of puzzle, art and magnets.

It is well suited for all age classes.

You can buy CubeArt on the official website.