Lox in Box


Today's IPP puzzle for review was designed by Vesa Timonen from Finland and is a packing puzzle. It was his entry puzzle back in 2002 but it is still available (status: March 2014) from Sloyd for Euro 19,15. In addition I believe it is also available from other sources but with the name "LOG JAM".

When you receive this wooden puzzle there are 7 from 8 rod pieces in a wooden frame and the task is to put all 8 pieces into it. A typical thing with packing puzzles is that the solution is different to the way how the puzzle arrives (the way the pieces have to be placed) and this puzzle is no exception. Whilst Sloyd rated it as a 3/5 difficulty (and therefore medium) I really had issues to find the elegant solution to it. It took me around 35 minutes and I believe most of the (more experienced) puzzlers out there will only need about 10 minutes.

Nevertheless I really had fun with it and the solution is cool. It can be recommended to all puzzlers out there and the quality of the puzzle is really excellent and exact.