Puzzle Links

Best Puzzlesites:

Casse-tete - Casse-tete, puzzles et jeux mathematiques http://www.cassetete.org

One of my favourite puzzle blog is casse-tete.

It is the best puzzle blog for interlocking puzzles.

The blog started in early 2007 and has over 220 postings about interlocking puzzles.

The blog is completely written in french,

but it is not a big problem to understand the text via a translator like Google translator.

Puzzle Shops:

Trick Boxes:

Stickman Puzzle Boxes http://www.stickmanpuzzlebox.com/

KAGEN SOUND http://kagenschaefer.com/

Wood Puzzles:

Geduldspiele.CH http://geduldspiele.ch

Tankenötter AB http://www.tankenotter.se/sv/

Wood Frustrations http://www.tomlensch.com/

CUBIC DISSECTION http://cubicdissection.com/

Jane and John Kostick http://www.jjkostick.com

KOSTICKS www.kosticks.com

Mr Puzzle Australia http://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/

Maze / Labyrinth Puzzles:

XMATRIX http://www.xmatrix.co.uk/

Twisty puzzles:

Moeraki Games http://casland-games.com/

BISHOP CUBES http://bishopcubes.com/

BALL.B http://ballb.pl/

Fourier Idea Inc. http://fourieridea.com/

MARUSENKO sphere http://www.marusenko.com/

dioctipoid http://dioctipoid.com/ or http://mouldinginnovations.com/

Sliding puzzles:

TAQUINZE http://taquinze.nl/

Mif Predmet http://www.mifpredmet.com/

Assemble and Interlocking puzzles:

Creative Whack Company http://www.creativewhack.com/

DBOX http://www.dboxpuzzle.com/

rekubus http://rekubus.eu/

CULICA http://culica.com/

Kadon Enterprises, Inc. http://gamepuzzles.com/

Quadratum Cubicum http://qucub.com/

CubeArt http://cube-art.com/

Jolie Spellen http://www.jolie-spellen.nl

Artifacture (http://store.artifacturestudios.com/)

MO MATH MUSEUM OF MATHEMATICS http://momath.org/shop/


ZenMagnets.com http://zenmagnets.com/

SONIC GAMES https://www.sonicgames-uk.com/

Brainstring http://brainstring.com/

RECENTTOYS INTERNATIONAL http://www.recenttoys.com/

Puzzle Websites:

Several Infos about mechanical puzzles and games:

Classical Chinese Puzzles http://chinesepuzzles.org

The Big Game Hunter http://thebiggamehunter.com/

Puzzle Galleries:

Enygmo Le monde du casse-tete http://www.enygmo.com/

The Jerry Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/images/splash.htm?scope=lilly/slocum

Les CASSE-TETE de Cisco(French language) http://isacisco.free.fr/index.htm

The Puzzle Pit http://www.puzzlepit.com/

Erich's Puzzle Collection http://www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma/rubik/

Extremely Puzzling - Goetz Schwandtner's Puzzles http://puzzles.schwandtner.info/

m.bos63's Gallery https://picasaweb.google.com/maarten1729

frankscyberworld cubecorner http://www.tiex.de/cubecorner/

tabbykat http://www.tabbykat.com/Puzzles.htm

Kongsing (Chinese language)

Many wire and metal take apart puzzles which I did not see before http://www.kongsing.com.hk/

My Puzzle Collection http://mypuzzles.co.cc/

Puzzlefinder http://puzzlefinder.net/

Col.leccio de puzzles EvaiJoan http://puzzles.dyndns.org/

Sliding Puzzles:

Juro Pöllö http://juropollo.xe0.ru/index.htm

A nice sliding puzzle gallery http://jokebecker.jimdo.com/

SCHUIFPUZZEL HENK LITJENS www.schuifpuzzelhenk.jimdo.com

Schuifpuzzels.nl / Handelsdek.nl http://www.handelsdek.nl/

Paula Wilms Schuifpuzzelverzameling http://paulawilms.jimdo.com/

Several puzzle designers:

Raf Peeters http://www.atelier-oker.com/

Jose W. Diaz http://davans.com/

Peter Grabarchuk http://www.peterpuzzle.com/

Rodolfo Kurchan http://www.rodolfokurchan.com.ar/

Puzzle Blog:

Puzzle Rookie http://puzzlerookie.blogspot.de/

Gunnars Metallpuzzle und Geduldspiele Blog http://gunnarmp.blogspot.de/

Chinese Interlocking Puzzle Blog http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/shen-puzzle


John's Puzzleparadise Blog http://puzzleparadise.ca/blog/

Neil's Puzzle Building Blog http://puzzling-parts.thejuggler.net/

Would you like to try a puzzle ? http://tryapuzzle.tumblr.com

PuzzleMad http://www.puzzlemad.co.uk/

Jerry's Small Puzzle Collection http://smallpuzzlecollection.blogspot.com/

puzzlerhan http://diypuzzles.wordpress.com/

Lucie Pauwels http://1002-puzzles.blogspot.be/

MagicPuzzles.org http://www.magicpuzzles.org/

Oli's Mechanical Puzzle Blog http://puzzle-obsessed.blogspot.com/

IPP and Other Puzzling Frustrations http://ipp30.blogspot.com/

Puzzle und Spiele (German) http://puzzleundspiele.wordpress.com/

Puzzling Times http://allardspuzzlingtimes.blogspot.com/

My SD300 3D Printer http://mysd300.blogspot.com/

BRIAN'S DAMN PUZZLE BLOG http://mechanical-puzzles.blogspot.com/

Brian Pletchers Puzzle blog is more targeted for puzzle enthusiasts.

On the one hand the website gives information about puzzle events where Brian participated.

So you get a good overview over the puzzle scene.

On the other hand seldom takeapart puzzles and trick boxes are described in detail

and reviewed on this site.

Casse-tete - Casse-tete, puzzles et jeux mathematiques http://www.cassetete.org/

One of my favourite puzzle blog is casse-tete.

It is the best puzzle blog for interlocking puzzles.

The blog started in early 2007 and has over 220 postings about interlocking puzzles.

The blog is completely written in french,

but it is not a big problem to understand the text via a translator like Google translator.

MY PUZZLE COLLECTION http://mypuzzlecollection.blogspot.com/

Gabriel Fernande's puzzle blog is equally appealing to people interested in puzzles and to collectors.

You can find described in detail a variety of actual puzzles on his blog.

Thus, many sequential movement and disentanglement puzzles are discussed,

whereby he emphasizes especially the Cast series of Hanayama.

Puzzle Auction:

Puzzle Paradise http://www.puzzleparadise.ca/

Sequential Movement:

Gisela's Brainteasers & Puzzle web http://wittingen-puzzels.jimdo.com

Wire Puzzles:

LIVEWIRE PUZZLES http://puzzles.ca/

Puzzle Forum:

A very nice spanish Puzzle Forum http://masquerubik.es/

Twisty Puzzles:

fan2cube (French) http://fan2cube.free.fr/

Rubiks Puzzles (Spanish) http://rubiks-puzzles.blogspot.com

A very nice spanish Twisty Forum Coleccionistas de Juegos de Ingenio http://coleccionistas.20x.cc/

In Russian! speedcubing http://speedcubing.su

In Russian! Twisty Puzzles ru http://twistypuzzles.ru

Online Puzzle Sites:

Age of Puzzles - A Colorful Journey through Endless Patterns of Quick Wits http://ageofpuzzles.com/

Puzzle Place http://www.puzzle-place.com

Passion for Puzzles http://www.passionforpuzzles.com/

Puzzle Plans:

Bruce Viney http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bruce.viney/index.html

Online Puzzle Museum:

Puzzler Gang's Puzzle Museum (Korean language) http://puzzlemuseum.tistory.com/