Solving Rubic's Cube in my mind

It is hard to solve a Rubic´s Cube.

It is even harder to solve a Rubik´s Cube in the mind.

I was inspired by this idea, when I saw several Rubik fanatics,

who solved the Rubik´s Cube blindly. It is amazing to watch,

how they inspect the Rubik´s Cube and then close their eyes.

... and after some turns the cube is solved. Wow!!

My ambition was spurred. Can I also solve a cube blindly?

I could not give up this idea. After several weeks

I started to make my first experiences.

I found out that there are two possibilities.

You can either memorize the stickers on the cube

or all the moves which you have to make.

I chose to memorize the stickers on the cube.

I recognized very fast that this plan would take around one year.

There are a lot of cognitive skills to learn, before you can do that.

I began with the 1 * 1 * 1 cube. My first exercise was to turn the cube only several times.

After two weeks, I had the feeling that I really saw the cube and his six colors.

It is amazing to have this feeling. I also memorized the orientation of the six colors mentally.

So I still remember how the cube, which I have turned in my mind several weeks ago, looked like.

Now I am practicing with the 2 * 1 * 1 cube.

To be continued