Button Trap


The next IPP puzzle for review is called BUTTON TRAP and is a take apart/put together puzzle out of different woods. It was designed and produced from Vaclav Obsivac from Czech Republic who is known for his high quality products. I bought it directly at his company “Vinco” and just paid 15 Euros which is really a fair price. BUTTON TRAP made its IPP entry back in 2004.

As the name suggests there is a plastic button trapped in a wooden construct of 3 pieces and your goal is to free the button and trap it again afterwards. Although Vaclav rated it a 3/5 from a difficulty point of view I think it is very easy and should get a 1,5/5. The specialty of this puzzle is that the disassembly and assembly is done through coordination motion which in this case with only 3 parts is really not that difficult. Also, if you successfully disassembled it there are not many dead ends to try to get it back again. I needed less than 5 minutes in total to accomplish both tasks (disassembly and assembly).

Finally it is really a nice show piece due to the different coloured wood pieces and of course the work is very precisely made. Due to its low price and difficulty I can recommend it to all puzzlers whereas the cracks will not have a real task with it.