Welcome to my puzzle gallery!!

I was five years old, when I got my first puzzle.

It was an ordinary jigsaw puzzle with only a few parts.

Nevertheless I needed two whole days to solve the puzzle.

I played again and again with its parts

and tried every time to solve it a bit faster.

Later I got also a sliding puzzle, a tile-based game and a rubik´s cube.

My puzzle passion began in 1996.

I was by chance in a toy store and discovered a sliding puzzle.

It had very few parts and the goal was to bring two clowns together.

I did not succeed right away and as it had made me curious, I bought it.

The puzzle resisted my attempts to solve it until I had an idea.

The next day I was back in the store ...

Many things have changed since then:

Puzzles are getting more and more popular.

Who has never solved a Sudoku or played a puzzle on the computer?

You can also notice the increasing number of blogs, forums and puzzle galleries.

Via internet it is also possible now to buy puzzles in countries, where it was impossible before.

In previous years only one puzzle was in the limelight, whereas nowadays

several puzzles are in the focus. Currently, cast puzzles, twisty puzzles and trick puzzles are very popular.

The variety of puzzles has also increased significantly.

While in the 70s it was only possible to acquire a dozen of different puzzles,

now a dozens of new puzzles are launched every month on the market.

Puzzles have become a commodity: You can buy them almost everywhere.

They are not only available in toy stores, but also in bookstores or furniture stores.

Some puzzles are even sold with journals.

In the past only the Rubik's Cube had been easy to get.

Now you can find different cast puzzles, a huge amount of twisty puzzles

and many puzzles which are developed for children, such as the Thinkfun puzzle series.

A lot of things have also changed online.

Previously, it was only possible to play with the standard puzzles,

such as the 14-15 Puzzle, Solitaire, Tower Of Hanoi and Sokoban.

Currently, there are excellent online puzzles on the market.

The quality and prices of the puzzles have also changed.

In the old days puzzles with a high quality were very expensive,

whereas now you can also find such puzzles at very low prices.

The puzzle gallery gives you an overview of different puzzles.

The gallery includes about 2,050 puzzles, a sample of which is shown below.

The gallery shows very common, but also some rare puzzles.

Many of the puzzles shown in the gallery are designed by German Puzzle designers

- for example lots of puzzles are from Silvia Heinz Matthes, Markus Goetz and Jean Claude Constantin.

The gallery includes many sliding puzzles, 2D twisty puzzles and trick boxes.

The gallery is classified according to the puzzle types:

Sequential Movement Puzzles:

String Puzzles

This classification does of course neither contain cultural nor historical information.

Many cultures have created puzzles.

Thereby the playful purpose was not always in the foreground.

Puzzles were used in the everyday life.

You can still see today puzzles in the ordinary life:

For example puzzle rings are popular as jewellery and

trick locks are still used in India.





Indian Culture



Chinese Rings

Puzzle Jugs



Hoffmann's Puzzles

Trick Lock

Trick Bag

Kumiki Puzzle

Trick Box

15 Puzzle

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I thank all who have supported me for this site.

I would like to express special thanks to

Serhiy Grabarchuk

Vladimir Krasnoukhow

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Happy Puzzling,