Another review of great puzzle manufacturer Vaclav Obsivac from Czech Republic stands on my list today. It is called TRITRESOR and was his IPP 2003 entry puzzle. I did order it directly at his company Vin&co for only Euro 8.- which is a superb price for his works.

TRITRESOR consists out of 3 wooden parts and a tiny plastic part inside the "safe" (tresor) which you hear rattling when moving the puzzle. Now the simple goal is to free this plastic part and then lock it inside again. Vaclav rates it as 3/5 but again I think it should get a 1,5 or 2 out of 5 maximum. Both tasks are pretty easy; the disassembly and the re-assembly took me less than 5 minutes in total and is done by coordinated motion. The puzzle itself is really well made out of different coloured woods and looks awesome.

I can recommend it to everyone from puzzle collector to puzzle starter due to its low price and difficulty but still there is a lot of fun playing with it and of course it is a great piece to display.