Another work from Czech craftsman Vaclav Obsivac is on for review today. It is called SIXES and was entered into IPP competition 2004. Since this puzzle was no longer available through his homepage I asked him whether it is possible to produce one for me on demand and he agreed to do the job for a fair price of Euro 29.-. My question certainly helped others out there because he obviously produced a small batch (I saw it now as a “new addition” on his homepage).

I have currently no idea why this puzzle is called SIXES ( in case Vinco is reading this review he might be able to bring some light into this Topic). SIXES is a take apart – put together puzzle consisting of 4 different pieces which makes the reassembly process quite challenging. The craftsmanship is stunning and very precise and also the different woods used give it a great appearance. The first task is to find the first move of course and since I did it very slowly to understand what I am doing it took me 10 minutes to fully take it apart. Another 25 minutes were needed half a day later when I put it back together. As announced earlier it is not easy to reassemble the puzzle due to its unusual shape and different pieces. From a difficulty point of view Vinco rates SIXES a 4 out of 5(+) which is about right from my perspective.

As with all Vinco puzzles you do not make a mistake buying it. The relation between quality and price is almost unbeatable. SIXES is quite rare now and everybody with a bit spare cash should take the chance and buy it as long as he has it still available on his website.