Rightangular Jam


Another IPP puzzle from the Japanese designer Hirokazu Iwasawa is up for review today! It is called RIGHTANGULAR JAM and was the entry puzle at IP 2004. I could find the original version on Sloyd's homepage for Euro 19,15. This time Philos did not produce this puzzle (they obviously have the rights to produce RectangularJam, Pentagular Jam, Triangular Jam and Hexangular Jam).

RIGHTANGULAR JAM is a sliding puzzle and consists out of a wooden frame with a rectangular hole and an integrated square and triangle in the frame. Then you have 4 triangles pieces which have to be placed into a given starting position (see picture) and the goal is to slide the blue and thinner triangle through the rectangular hole on the opposite site of the starting position without taking one of the pieces out of the tray. This puzzle is a bit more difficult than RECTANGULAR JAM and I needed approx. 15 minutes to solve it for the first time and a little longer for the second time. It has a difficult rating of 3/4.

I have to say it was really fun to solve and although quite difficult I would recommend it to all kind of puzzlers and collectors.