3D Sliding Puzzles

Three dimensional sliding puzzles

a.) With flat tiles

diet Coke Can

Coca Cola Can

Mickey Mouse Puzzle Can

Bank Sphere

made by HANAYAMA



Massage ball / OTTO WU 7-Color Magic Puzzle

Rubik's Brain Racker

SLIP-IT / Number Barrel

free the coin

IPP 30 Exchange / Osaka + Hakone

designed by Allen Rolfs

made by Allen Rolfs




The sliding principle of the puzzle corresponds to the principle of an ordinary Nine Sliding Piece Puzzle:

The puzzle consists of a frame and 9 cubes which lie in a 3 x 3 grid and an additional field.

Eight of the nine cubes can be slided everywhere in the 3 x 3 grid.

The ninth cube can only be slided between the extra field and the neighbouring field in the grid.

The ninth cube serves rather as closure so that all fields in the grid can be placed with a cube.

The mechanics of the cubes is tricky. Each of the cube has a mirror which passes from the upper edge

to the opposite bottom edge (along the diagonals) and divides the cube into two parts.

To each of the four sliding directions (up, right, down and left),

there are at least two cubes of which the mirros have the same direction.

All nine cubes are transparent from above, the bottom side does not matter.

Three of the remaining four sides have pictures on the outside and the other one is transparent.

There are also pictures on the sides of the frame in the size of a cube side.

If a side with a picture is next to a transparent side, then you can see the side with the picture from above.

That is because the side with the picture was reflected by the mirror.

If you slide a cube, then the pictures of the neighbouring cubes or the picture of the cube which was moved may change.

MIRRORKAL / YOU AND Mona Lisa (Pat. US4898560)

comes with 2 problems

Difficulty: easy / medium

Playing Time: < 45 minutes

The aim of the warmup challenge is to make the small Mona Lisa visible

in the center and the remaining eight cubes shall work as mirrors.

No single cube picture other then the Mona Lisa shall be recognizable.

The problem is relatively easy to solve. The first step is to find the small Mona Lisa

which is depicted at one side of a cube.

Then you have to think how the mirrors of two cubes have to be arranged.

To meet the challenge, the complete Mona Lisa has to be visible.

This problem is more tricky,

as you search small pictures like in a normal jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzle Review

designed by Ivan Moscovich

made by Recent Toys International



comes with 2 problems

Difficulty: easy / medium

Playing Time: < 45 minutes

Puzzle Review

designed by Ivan Moscovich

made by Recent Toys International


c.) With three dimensional tiles

Vadasz Cube

Vadasz Cube 3x3x3

Vadasz Rainbow Cube



Varikon Box 2x2x2

Cutrofello's Cubes

IPP 22 Exchange / Antwerp

designed by Tom Cutrofello

made by Puzzlecraft


IPP 22 Exchange / Antwerp

designed by Marcel Gillen & Carlo Gitt

made by RTL & Marcel Gillen


Puzzle Design Competition 2011

Difficulty: easy - medium

Playing Time: < 45 minutes

similar puzzles: Varikon Box 2 x 2 x 2, Vadasz Cube

Equal7 consists of seven red dices

which are enclosed in a transparent plastic cube of the size 2 x 2 x 2.

All seven dices are identical, but have different orientations.

They are also different from an ordinary dice in regards to their numeration:

Instead of having six points on one side, they have a blank side.

Moreover, the sum of two opposite sides equals always five.

The plastic cube container has a special shape on one corner

so that it can stand on this corner.

In this position, the cube container on the top has dice points

with either one, three or five points.

If Equal7 is standing on the corner,

then the observer gets the impression

that it consists out of eight dices.

There are four different tasks to Equal7.

The aims are to shift the dices in such a way

that all sides show either 10, 11, 12 or 7 points.

Thereby, the dices are moved by overturning the 2 x 2 x 2 cube container.

Puzzle Review

designed by Vladimir Krasnoukhov

made by Recent Toys


very simple to solve

made by POPULAR PLAYTHINGS (Huntar Company, Inc.)

mad marbles

Varikon Box 3x3x3

3 x 3 x 3 Black Hole Gravity Cube

Pionir Cube

Pionir Pyramid

IPP 32 Exchange / Washington, D.C.

designed by Roxanne Wong

made by MF8