Cast Loop


Welcome to my very first puzzle review, the CAST LOOP designed by Vesa Timonen from Finland. His initial idea was to create a puzzle ring for his girl friend but finally became an awesome metal puzzle which can be enjoyed by everyone due to the low price (usually <15 USD). I bought mine at Mr. Puzzle (Brian & Sue Young) from Australia but the producer Hanayama sells it worldwide and in an unlimited number. There is even a Disney version available by now. It should be mentioned that this mechanical puzzle won the Puzzler's Award and the First Price at the IPP27 (International Puzzle Party) in 2007 which is certainly not achieved by the majority of puzzles out there.

The CAST LOOP didn't arrive in the solved state as it is is usual but in a way that the 2 metal parts do not close properly which is a superb idea since you do not see the correct assembly system. The metal ring is quite heavy and one has the feeling of holding something special in hand which is absolutely the case. Once you have the two parts in your hand I bet you will not solve this "very easy-rated" puzzle (Hanayama giving it a 1 of 6 and Mr. Puzzle a 2 of 10) at once because the correct move to assemble the both parts correctly is, let's say, clever. It took me personally about 10 minutes whilst my girlfriend did it in less than 2 minutes, however, I think that was really exceptionally fast (from her).

Finally I have to say that this metal puzzle was really a stunning one which one does again and again. Also the smooth movement and exact work is contributing to solve it again and again. You can even wear it as a necklace since it arrives with a thong.