Rectangular Jam


It is time now to review the second IPP puzzle designed by Hirokazu Iwasawa, the RECTANGULAR JAM. It was his entry into the IPP 2005 where it got a "Honorable Mention" award. I bought my copy at Sloyd in Finland (Euro 19,15) whereas there is a cheaper but quality wise even better version available from Philos. However, I wanted to buy an orginal with a green coloured bar :-)

The RECTANGULAR JAM is a sliding puzzle, which means you have a rectangular box with 4 bars in it and all having the same length and width, however, the green bar is thinner. Now you are given a starting position of the puzzle and the target is to move/slide the pieces in a way that the green bar can be slided through a small hole on the opposite site of the starting position. Whilst the difficulty rating for this puzzle is 3/4 (difficult) it just took me less than 10 minutes to solve (may be because I recently solved one of his later puzzles - the ODD puzzle - which uses a similar technique in a way).

I think it can be recommended to every puzzler but if you are no collector you should rather choose the Philos version of this particular puzzle.