The third IPP competition puzzle of Czech Craftsman Vaclav Obsivac is up for review. It is called PROCROSS and made its entry in 2006. I bought my copy of this puzzle directly at Vaclav's company VIN&co for Euro 29.- only.

Again we are talking about a coordination motion puzzle with a difficulty rating of 3/6 from the manufacturer, however, there were differences to both puzzles I reviewed from him before. The others were 3 part puzzles and I could solve them easily and fast. This time we are talking about a puzzles consisting of 6 identical parts and the solving process took me a whole hour. I am sure more experienced puzzlers will do the job much faster but since I am new to it I really had no clue what to do first. When I am talking about an hour then it means I needed 58 minutes for disassembly and 2 minutes for re-assembly whereas it is usually much more difficult to get it back to the initial state. The puzzle itself is the biggest of the 6 I bought till now and again the craftmanship is excellent with a few beautiful coloured woods and precise pieces included.

The puzzle is recommended to everyone due to its fantastic appearance and the cool puzzle solving process itself. Non-experienced puzzlers like me might take a little longer to solve it but after a while I am confident everyone will succeed.