Arrow Case


Today I will briefly review the 3rd packing puzzle in a row. Again it is designed by the specialist for this kind of puzzle, Dai Nagata and again it was produced by Philos. As with all Philos puzzles the quality is great (and has a heavy weight) and the price is on the low side (I paid Euro 9,95). The ARROW CASE made its entry to the IPP 2001 and won the First Prize which is a great honour.

As with all Nagata puzzles you have two different frames and in this case 4 arrows which have to be placed flat inside those frames. There is an easier one (square shaped) which took me nevertheless 10 minutes to solve and a much harder one ("n-shaped") which took me another 40 minutes to solve.

The puzzle is rated 2/4 difficulty wise and I absolutely agree. I believe it is made for intermediate puzzlers although beginners will at least solve the first frame with time and puzzle specialist will also need a longer time to solve the "n-shaped" frame. I can really reccommend this puzzle to everyone; it's great fun and once you solve both frames you really feel like you have achieved something very special.