Photographing Puzzles

Unfortunately, you can very often find puzzle photos on the web

which are overexposed, blurred or for any other reason not correctly photographed.

In my point of view, you don´t need an expensive camera to get good pictures.

A simple digital camera is absolutely sufficient.

Almost all of the pictures on this site are made by a cheap camera,

which I purchased on ebay for 12 Euros.

If you want to obtain some respectable pictures,

then you should take following aspects into account:


The quality of a shot is not only determined by the puzzle object,

but also by the background. The background should have a sufficient contrast

so that the puzzle can be recognised fast.

Therefore wooden puzzles should not be photographed on wooden tables.

If further image editing is required, I would recommend a dark unicoloured background.

A dark background has the advantage that there are no shadows

and the puzzle object can be clearly delimited from the background.

In case of a bright background, it is advisable to use a flash to avoid shadows.

Top view:

In case you make a picture of a flat puzzle from top view,

flash light should be avoided. The only exception is dark wire puzzles.

For a better picture quality the EP-value should be varied.

Without flashlight

With flashlight

To be continued